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Aliblabla is an independent Norwegian bookstore, opened in 2006. The one-of-a-kind retailer is located right next to the bus and metro stations at Bekkestua in Bærum, just outside of central Oslo. You will find a huge selection of books; all genres and themes, for all ages, Norwegian and English; new and second-hand. Aliblabla also imports new books, comics, manga and more from the United States. There is an extensive diversity of second-hand comics available in Norwegian and English, in addition to records, films and much more. Contact us here.

Aliblabla: Bekkestuas Skattekammer

Aliblabla: Independent Norwegian bookstore.

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Aliblabla - et skattekammer


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MAN-FRE 11-17
LØRDAG 11-16

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